Traffic suspension for submersion operation

18 Oct 2021 / Dardanelles, Turkey

Vessel traffic in the Dardanelles will be suspended tomorrow (19 October) due to a submerging operation in the Strait before transiting under 1915 Canakkale Bridge.

The ‘MV Albatross’ is carrying a drilling platform from Rotterdam to Tekirdag in the Marmara Sea, and will need to submerge to reach safe air draft before transiting under the bridge.

The suspension of northbound traffic will begin at 02:15 hours local time. Southbound traffic will be suspended from 03:30 hours local time. Both will resume after the submersion and transiting ends, expected to be around 1800 hours local time.

Tankers with a LOA of 200 metres or more and UCC 300 m and over will not transit tomorrow.

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