Towage requirements

07 Feb 2022 / Wyndham, Australia

All vessels berthing at the Port of Wyndham require towage in accordance with the below:
- Petroleum tankers require 1 tug $32,250 plus GST
- All other vessels requiring 1 tug $16,750 plus GST

For vessels of less than 130 m LOA, towage requirements will be at the discretion of the Harbourmaster.

In certain circumstances the Harbourmaster may require additional towage after considering a particular vessel’s situation including characteristics, e.g. prevailing tide cycle, anticipated weather conditions, berth congestion, vessels berthing displacement in relation to allocated berth capacity.

A 20 knot wind limit is in place for the movement of tankers (and vessels carrying hazardous cargo such as Ammonium Nitrate).

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