Revised crew change procedure

06 Oct 2021 / Oman

Oman’s Immigration Authorities have revised the procedure for visitors and crew entering the country. Anyone entering by air or crossing its land borders must be fully vaccinated.

Approval has been given for non-vaccinated crew to enter Oman only through sea ports, on the condition that they will take at least the first dose of the vaccine in Oman before leaving the country.

All on-signers joining vessels from Oman should be fully vaccinated with both the jabs and complete the 14 days’ period prior entering Oman. Oman Immigration will not issue any visas for those who are not fully vaccinated.

The Government of Oman will accept visitors vaccinated with following vaccines:
Sputnik V
Johnson & Johnson

Non-vaccinated off-signers will be allowed to disembark at Oman if the crew agrees to take at least the 1st dose of vaccination from Oman prior to leaving. At present Pfizer & Astra Zeneca vaccines are available in Oman.

Those who are fully vaccinated will be allowed to disembark at Oman without any restrictions.

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