Precautionary measures against rough monsoon period (1 June-31 August)

11 May 2022 / Dahej, India

Please find below the advisory planned for vessels calling/planned for Adani Petronet (Dahej) Port Pvt Ltd in view of the monsoon period (as per weather reports received from stations).

1. APDPPL Marine is monitoring the weather forecasts continuously.

2. As per the predictions, we may face severe weather condition i.e., strong winds & heavy rainfall. Request to plan all port related activities and safeguard personnel working in the port accordingly.

3. All agencies & trade units of the vessels (berthed/planned/waiting/anchored) are requested to notify their shipping lines, vessel masters about the rough monsoon period.

4. Vessel master to keep engine ready on short notice & to keep VHF watch continuously.

5. Vessel to secure their gears & other equipment’s in accordance with their heavy weather contingency Plan.

6. Any vessel under cargo operations may require completing their cargo & all the necessary documentations to sail out in the advent of strong winds & heavy rainfall.

7. Berthing of vessels post 1 June 2022 will be subject to weather conditions & at the sole discretion of the Port Authority.

8. Auto shore winch line has been made mandatory for vessels on the mentioned dates for her entire stay at APDPPL.

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Source: Adani Petronet (Dahej) Port Pvt. Ltd letter dated 9 May 2022

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