Hurricane Ida recovery continues

09 Sep 2021 / New Orleans, United States

New Orleans continues to recover from the devastating effects of Hurricane Ida. Much of the area is still without power and some parts still do not have running water.

Below is a recap of the timings from this storm to date:

  • 26 August: Condition Whiskey set
  • 27 August: Condition X-Ray set, followed by Condition Yankee
  • 28 August: Condition Zulu set
  • 31 August: US Coast Guard sets safety zone from MM 105 to MM 108 due to downed electrical line in the water
  • 1 September: Conditional return to Normal condition, traffic open to MM 105 and from MM 167.5 northward
  • 2 September: MSY Airport resumes limited flights
  • 3 September: First inbound vessel. US Coast Guard rescinds safety zone from MM 105 to MM 108. Transit restrictions between MM 108 to MM167.5 removed. Deep draft vessels still daylight restricted.
  • 6 September: Daylight Restriction for Deep Draft vessels operating south of MM 114 removed.

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