• Husbandry Services

    Husbandry Services

    Need a reliable husbandry agent in China? GAC China has the experience and resources to take care of all your husbandry needs. From crew changes, cash to master, fuel, spares and provisions delivery to inward and outward clearance, we deliver the services you need for fast vessel turnaround.

  • Launch Services

    Launch Services

    Working round-the-clock from strategically located launch services bases, GAC's launch services take care of crew changes and delivery of spares, provisions and mail to vessels, without them having to change course.

  • Protecting Agency

    Protecting Agency

    As your protecting agent, GAC China ensures your interests are protected and delivers peace of mind for your port calls in the country. Our comprehensive services include checking proforma D/A, reporting vessel/cargo status, checking cargo documents and SOF and signing bills of lading.

  • Ship Agency

    Ship Agency

    Established in 2002, GAC China has an extensive network of offices covering key ports across the country. We handle over 2,000 port calls annually. From port clearance, husbandry, ship supply to port captain service, we offer flexible and customisable services. Support packages for dry-docking and repair supervision are also available.

  • Consolidation Services (LCL)

    Consolidation Services (LCL)

    When your volumes are small and cannot fill a container, GAC China provides consolidation services to help you save costs. From air freight for time-sensitive shipments to the more economical consolidation services by sea, GAC China takes care of your LCL cargo shipment from China to countries around the world.

  • Freight Services

    Freight Services

    GAC China has the network and resources to take care of every aspect of your freight requirements, ensuring your cargo arrive at its destination safely and on time. As an NVOCC, we are your single point of contact for hassle-free freight and clearing services.

  • Supply Chain Management

    Supply Chain Management

    Since 2002, GAC China has been offering a comprehensive range of logistics and supply chain solutions to serve the needs of our customers in diverse industries. From raw materials to retail distribution, we work closely with you to manage the entire supply chain.


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GAC China is a wholly-owned GAC operation covering logistics and shipping services with fully bilingual managers to ensure clarity in all documentation and communications.


GAC China has a wide network with branch offices covering many key ports and cities across China. Our China operation deals mainly with exports and connects widely with other GAC offices throughout Asia-Pacific, the United States, the Middle East and Europe. GAC China is licensed as a Non Vessel Operating Common Carrier (NVOCC) and is quality certified to ISO 9001:2015.

GAC中国拥有广泛的网络,分公司覆盖了中国许多重要的港口和城市。GAC中国业务主要涉及出口和广泛地与GAC亚太地区、美国、中东和欧洲的其他办公室联合操作。我们拥有无船承运人(NVOCC)资格和ISO 9001:2015的质量认证。

In addition to our head office in Shanghai, we have branch offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Qingdao, Tianjin, Xiamen, Wuhan and Chengdu.


We provide a comprehensive range of services covering ship agency, husbandry, bunker fuels supply, ship-to-ship transfers, freight services, project logistics and supply chain management and serve diverse sectors including cruise, automotive, events and liner, all through a single contact point.

通过一个联络点,我们提供全面的服务,涵盖船舶代理,船舶服务,船用燃料供应,船到船运输,货运服务,项目物流和供应链管理, 也为包括邮轮, 汽车, 活动和班轮在内的不同行业提供服务。