19 Mar 2021 / Grangemouth, UK

GAC UK – going beyond, for people and planet

Launches MARS25, the first chapter of a ten-year sustainability programme

GAC UK has today announced an “ambitious yet achievable” ten-year sustainability programme, MARS25, featuring more than 30 sustainability objectives aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Chapter One, covering 2021-2025, will MEASURE results, take ACTION to refine and adapt where needed and continuously REVIEW the objectives to achieve the SUCCESS of the initiative. Chapter Two, covering the next five years up to 2030, will build on and develop MARS25 successes.

Going beyond
QHSSE Manager, Laura Grizzell, is heading the GAC UK sustainability team that is the driving force behind MARS25. Its target date of 2025 asks staff to go beyond their own and the company’s current ef­­­­­forts, both to reduce their negative impact on the planet, and to improve people’s lives.

“We are committed to significantly reducing our environmental impact, improving the well-being of our people, and influencing our business partners to do the same,” says Laura. “To achieve it, we need collaboration from everyone across our business. It’s a real team effort.”

Herman Jorgensen, GAC UK’s Managing Director, adds: “Through MARS25, GAC UK is taking tangible steps to achieve a better future for our people and our planet. For us, sustainability means taking action, and this strategy will definitely result in positive change. We are committed to encouraging our people and partners to increase their awareness of the impact of their personal and professional actions and behaviour on the environment – and on each other.

“MARS25 also underlines our support and proactivity in the energy transition which is critical in the shipping and energy sectors we serve.”

United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
The seven SDGs on which the plan is focused form the framework of the new ISO 26000 Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) management system. The actions required have been written into company policy and procedures and will have a positive impact on all areas of the UK business, as well as the sectors it serves - from marine leisure, sports and events to the energy, automotive, aerospace and healthcare sectors. It will also play a part in the ongoing development of the company’s services portfolio such as ship agency, logistics services and offshore support.

Greenhouse gas commitment
Reducing shipping-related greenhouse gas emissions is a key element of MARS25, and a service to be made available to all freight forwarding customers. Further, the company will encourage drivers to choose electric vehicles and has committed to purchasing no new petrol or diesel company cars after 2021. Company mileage CO2e will be tracked and forklifts will switch from diesel to electric to significantly reduce that carbon footprint.

GAC UK’s announcement reflects the global GAC Group’s statement of intent, as a signatory of the Getting to Zero Coalition, to upgrade all the workboats in its fleet to significantly reduce emissions.

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