04 Aug 2021 / Dubai

GAC signs up to Eyesea ocean health initiative

The GAC Group has announced its membership of the maritime pollution reporting and mapping initiative, Eyesea.

With the support of the shipping and maritime industries, Eyesea uses a smartphone app with which users submit geotagged photographs to report hazards and pollution.

GAC Group recently unveiled its Roadmap to Sustainability, which sets out its commitment to adapt, reduce and mitigate its activities. Supporting Eyesea, as well as the Ocean Race’s CleanSeas initiative, is in line with UN Sustainable Development Goal #14 – Life Below Water – one of the goals GAC’s Roadmap states must be measured by all GAC companies.

“Eyesea have developed a simple and effective way for companies involved in the maritime sector to play a critical part in improving the health and conservation of our oceans,” says Neil Godfrey, Group Commercial Director – Shipping.

“GAC people all over the world care deeply about the sustainability of the seas, which play such an integral part in their professional lives. It was obvious when we were approached by Eyesea that we would support the initiative, which we believe is unique in its unification of many elements of the maritime community to fight marine pollution. We’re excited that the data we collect will play a part in helping them map pollution and formulate plans to address it. It’s so much more than a box-ticking exercise and a perfect fit with our Group sustainability ethos and objectives.”

Graeme Somerville-Ryan, Eyesea’s initiator, adds: "As a founding member of Eyesea, GAC has supported us from the start. Neil Godfrey, and Communications Manager – Europe & Africa, Lynne Clarke, are Ambassadors and their time, experience and amplification of the Eyesea message has been key in the acceleration of our progress to date.”

Eyesea is a non-profit organisation which comprises a wide range of representatives of the shipping and maritime community. After successful testing on board commercial vessels and amongst community volunteers and recreational boat users, the app is now available to download to anyone keen to play a part in tackling maritime pollution effectively.

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