25 Mar 2022 / Norway

GAC Norway awarded Eco-Lighthouse certification

Important step on its Roadmap to Sustainability

GAC Norway is off to a flying start on the GAC Group’s Roadmap to Sustainability by being awarded Eco-Lighthouse Certification as part of its continued efforts to align with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.

The coveted certificate is the Norwegian equivalent to EMAS and ISO 14001 that covers a range of elements, such as workspaces and the company’s impact on the environment. Following a suggestion at an employee workshop, the company decided to work towards the certification. The creation of GAC Norway’s dedicated Sustainability Team ensued, and what followed was more than a year of hard work to meet the stringent standards required.

GAC Norway has already started measuring CO2 emissions on all travel, as well as electricity and gas consumption of all vehicles to establish targets for reduced CO2 emissions. The company’s travel policy has been updated in this way to incorporate sustainability, while proper waste management has been implemented in all office locations and other plans have been executed to ensure better energy efficiency at its offices and warehouses. GAC Norway’s first annual sustainable report was based on the insights gained from working towards the Eco-Lighthouse certification, and regular audits will be conducted.

“We are delighted to take this important step in our efforts to work towards a more sustainable future, as we strive to reduce our impact on the world,” says Ahmet Özsoy, GAC Norway’s Managing Director. “For us, this is all about taking action and improving our work towards sustainability. The Eco-Lighthouse certificate is not an end goal, it is part of our ongoing journey to create a better tomorrow.”

[Photo courtesy of Ketil Teigen]

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