09 Jan 2020 / Cochin, India

Carrying the load for long haul project

Cochin cable drum2

GAC India is working on a massive project involving customs clearance, handling and logistics support for equipment from Japan to upgrade and improve the Indian power grid.

It has been a long haul starting from when the company was appointed as agent back in April 2018. To date, it has handled the clearance of 165 24MT cable drums and 47 TEU containers holding tools and spare parts needed to lay the cables. GAC India also was involved in receiving the cargo from the vessel and transferred it to the port’s storage area. 24 of the containers were sent some 86km to Trichur in Kerala upon arrival. The remaining 23 are kept in a GAC temperature-controlled warehouse facility in Cochin, ready to be despatched when needed.

Assistant General Manager for Logistics John George and his team have been involved in the project from the planning stage.

“The customer originally planned to use another port, but they accepted our more cost-effective proposal to bring the shipments in through Cochin port and transporting the cargo to Trichur by road using multi-axle trailers,” he says.

“We worked with the customer and transporters on route surveys to finalise the size and weight of the high value cargo for import, to ensure it was handled efficiently and with extreme care and precision.”

The shipment will be completed in mid-2020 when some 181 cable drums are delivered to Trichur.

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