Supply Chain Management

Agile end-to-end supply chain management


Global supply chain management is a critical success factor for manufacturers and retailers in many industries. You can take advantage of the integrated suite of services offered by GAC to manage your supply chain. From raw materials to retail distribution, our analysts and operations personnel work closely with customers to manage the entire supply chain, providing tailored services and meeting agreed performance benchmarks.


GAC China helps to optimise your supply chain performance with our end-to-end supply chain management solutions. By taking advantage of our shared resources, economies of scale and value-added services for your logistics needs, you can reduce your capital investment and respond flexibly to the fluctuating demands of the local, regional and global markets. With coordinated production runs ensuring no under or over stocking, cost savings can be enjoyed.


  • Raw Materials
  • Production & finished goods
    • Testing
    • Sample preparation
    • Batching /Sequencing
    • Quality control
    • Warehousing and storage
    • Inventory management
  • Value-added services
    • Promotional packaging
    • Labelling
    • Ink-jet printing
    • Component assembly
  • Order processing
    • Receipt and consolidation of purchase orders
    • Inspection
  • Distribution
    • Transport management
    • Multi-modal transportation
    • International freight forwarding
    • Import and export control
    • Tracking system
  • 原材料
    • 全球货运管理
    • 集装箱拼装
    • 仓储与保管
    • 库存原料管理
    • 追踪系统
  • 产品与成品
    • 测试
    • 样品加工
    • 批量/定序
    • 质量管理
    • 仓储与保管
    • 库存管理
  • 增值服务
    • 促销包装
    • 标签
    • 喷墨印刷
    • 零件装配
  • 订单处理
    • 收据和采购订单
    • 查验
  • 配送
    • 运输管理
    • 多式联运
    • 国际货运代理
    • 进出口管理
    • 追踪系统

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