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The GAC brand is a strong one, synonymous with quality, integrity, professionalism and stability. We have built a strong reputation by delivering reliable, world-class services that help our customers’ businesses.

Throughout our history, we have been driven by those we serve. Around the world, around the clock, the GAC Group is dedicated to providing quality, integrity support you can trust to help you achieve your goals and objectives. We are in business to help grow your business, that’s why our brand promise is: Delivering your strategy.

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New #GACdares 2.0 Advertisements

A new series of online and print ads uses unexpected images to promote GAC. Instead of ships or warehouse, they feature animals, beverages, tools and more to drive home the message about our capabilities in shipping, logistics and marine services. That playful use of seemingly incongruous themes makes the ads stand out, and speaks of GAC’s willingness to be unorthodox and go beyond the expected for the industries we serve.

They’re part of a brand campaign that reaches out with clean visuals, a sense of humour and an element of surprise. The hashtag #GACdares appears with the ads where they appear online.

The campaign underlines our long-standing pledge to put our customers’ ambitions and strategic targets at the heart of everything we do. GAC aims to be your strategic partner in shipping, logistics and marine as you reach for success.

GAC is operationally and structurally fit to meet the challenges of uncertain and disruptive times. We’re good at solving problems, we never give up, we get the job done. We have the skills, the assets, the values and the drive to work with you to help you achieve your business goals.