Freight Services

Freight services by sea, air or land

GAC has got all grounds covered with its comprehensive freight services, ensuring that your freight requirements – be it sea and/or air - are well taken care of. GAC 的服務含蓋地表各項, 無論海運空運, 我們都會確保您的貨物受到良好的照顧。

Sea Freight

GAC has contracts in place with many of the world’s major ocean carriers in the key trades to/from Asia, USA, Middle East, Europe and Africa. GAC meets all international security standards and is a registered member of governing commissions in all end user markets. LCL Sea freight consolidations are also available.


Air Freight

GAC global air freight capability delivers cargo to all cities, countries and continents. Global partnerships with major air carriers give customers priority access to competitive rates and space allocations.


Clearing & Forwarding

GAC has the local know-how and global resources to provide full clearing and forwarding services for shipments to destinations worldwide, as well as efficient final delivery to destination.


Triangle Trades Freight

Triangle trades arise as a popular service when China becomes the world’s leading manufacturer. GAC Taiwan offers full tracking service from the production forecast, to ex-factory up to consignee’s door, ensuring the delivery commitments are met. We ensure the right documents get to the consignee, while your manufacturer remains anonymous to your customer (buyer). Our group’s global network and established track record enable us to provide professional shipping advice and solutions anywhere in the world. Customers can monitor shipment status in Taiwan and disburse payment through GAC Taiwan for exports to and imports from any part of the world.

當中國大陸成為世界工廠,三角貿易服務應運而生成為一種受歡迎的服務方式. GAC台灣三角貿易提供客戶全面追蹤服務,協助客戶從生產預報開始策劃交期,一直到交送貨物至收貨人,確認達成使命為止。


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