Dry Docking Support

GAC offers comprehensive dry docking support from crew, stores and spares handling through to specialised spares supply chain management.

GAC Sri Lanka offers comprehensive services to vessels calling for dry-docking, such as crew changes, supply of stores and clearing of spares within hours including weekends and holidays through specialised spares logistics management. We also provide tug assistance service for towing distressed vessels to the yard for repairs or dry docking needs.

Our close relationship with Colombo Dockyard (CDPLC) ensures smooth and efficient dry docking support to our customers. CDPLC operates four dry docks which can accommodate vessels up to 263m in length and a breadth of 44m. We facilitate superintendent’s attendance for dry dock calls and assistance for any afloat repairs at ports of Sri Lanka. In addition, CDPLC has an emergency response team to attend to any distressed vessels calling off port limits in Sri Lankan waters.

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GAC Shipping Sri Lanka
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Ashan Welagedara

Director/ Chief Executive Officer

Dilshan De Alwis

General Manager, Operations