Liner agency: Bringing goods to a market near you


Shipping lines bring us the stuff of everyday life – foodstuffs, consumer goods, capital equipment and more, all reaches us in liner vessels criss-crossing the world’s trade routes.

Your dedicated liner agent

GAC Sri Lanka’s liner agency services serve Main Line Operators (MLO), Feeder Operators and NVOCC Operators. Backed by the GAC Group’s global network, we have the resources, contacts, and local know-how to help liner operators in the container breakbulk or car carrier sectors execute port calls in the most time and cost-efficient manner.

Our comprehensive range of services for liner, feeder and NVOCC operators includes:

  • Local canvassing and sales – penetration of local markets
  • Vessel Handling
  • Terminal Negotiations
  • Container Depot Management
  • Regular Port and Terminal Updates
  • Experienced Sales / Customer Service / Operations and Documentation Staff
  • Liaison with exporters and importers
  • Container control and repair yard supervision
  • EDI interfacing for greater efficiency and control
  • Local transportation & logistics services
  • Warehousing, cold store & distribution facilities
  • Cargo & claims handling
  • Tally & supervision
  • Cargo brokerage
  • Market intelligence
  • Latest information on conditions at ports/terminals
  • Owners’ husbandry services (Crew changes / ship stores and more)

Our dedicated teams are on hand around-the-clock to ensure that all your vessels’ needs are attended to. With our strong relationships with local port authorities, customs, immigration and other relevant agencies, we ensure smooth and efficient vessel turnaround to keep things moving.