Offshore support: Marine muscle to shoulder your operations

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It takes a special kind of operator to work offshore – and a special kind of service provider. Laying pipes, delivering essential personnel and materials – these are core requirements for successful offshore work, whether it is in construction, oil & gas or project logistics. GAC has the experience, expertise and strength to meet any offshore support requirements.

Experience honed by decades of operations supporting offshore infrastructure development in the Middle East, Caspian Sea and Indian Ocean. The bigger the project, the more important a partner’s credentials – and GAC Marine’s track record is nothing if not reassuring.

Expertise that comes from integrating the Group’s shipping, logistics and marine services. All of our marine support operations are fully compliant with international safety standards.

Strength of our own fleet of offshore support vessels comprising of Platform Supply Vessels (PSV), anchor handling tug supply vessels (AHTS), Anchor handling Tugs (AHT), Crew Boats, flat top cargo barges and utility vessels. And that of GAC’s highly skilled marine personnel.

Our flexible services include delivery of supplies, provisions and crew; transportation of project cargo and construction materials; anchor handling; barge and tug support; emergency response and more. You can also benefit from GAC Marine’s onshore supply and maintenance bases strategically located in Abu Dhabi and Fujairah.

Whether you are engaged in offshore exploration, construction or production, you can lean on us to support your operations safely and efficiently.

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