Liquid Bulk Agency: Propelling tanker shipping worldwide

Liquid Bulk 2

Tanker shipping companies deliver the fuel and commodities that keep our world running. Oil, petroleum, liquid gas, chemicals and other fluid products are transported from their source to global markets in liquid bulk vessels. GAC Oman has the experience and expertise to support such specialised operations.

Unmatched tanker agency expertise

GAC Oman has been providing tanker agency services throughout our long history. Today our tanker pedigree has extended across trade sectors globally, where now we are a recognised specialist in ship agency for all types of tankers. From crude oil, LPG and LNG shipping to ammonia and edible oils delivery, we have unparalleled experience in handling any wet bulk type.

With our global network and local know-how, we provide coverage at both origin and destination as your single agent, ensuring that your tankers are loaded/discharged as quickly and efficiently as possible, minimising costs and time spent in port. With our excellent relations with local authorities and terminal operators, you can be assured of prompt attendance in any situation.

Whilst in port, we’ll take care of all your needs, including husbandry, ship spares delivery, bunker fuels supplies and more. Many liquid bulk vessel owners and charterers also tap into our free daily Hot Port News bulletin for latest port conditions updates.