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Legal expertise for P&I clubs and H&M underwriters

Representing International Group P&I Clubs since 1973, GAC is a recognised leader in the Protection & Indemnity (P&I) and Hull & Machinery (H&M) Correspondent field providing 24/7 incident and claims handling as well as surveying and medical assistance services.

When something goes wrong on board a ship during a port call which could lead to a claim, such as cargo damage, crew injury/death, contact damage, collision or pollution, a speedy response is critical from an effective P&I correspondent. Time is of the essence to ensure the full investigation, documentation, and analysis of any claim to assess and minimise any financial exposure as a result of the incident.

Leading P&I correspondent

GAC has represented International Group P&I Clubs since 1973. Today, we are recognised as a leader in the field, providing 24/7 incident and claims handling and surveying services. We are listed by all the 13 International Group Clubs, Fixed Premiums Clubs and H&M Insurers in the Middle East region.

Our P&I team of experienced, dedicated claims handlers with considerable legal and technical expertise are on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week, all year round, to attend to incidents promptly and proactively. Their excellent relationships with local authorities, port officials, terminals and receivers are key in helping to expedite the handling of cases to reduce exposure and bring about the timely and equitable settlement of claims. GAC’s LoU (Letter of Undertakings) on behalf of P&I Clubs is accepted by most receivers, ports, and terminals in the Middle East Region.

Medical support

GAC also acts as correspondents for the leading Medical Assistance Principals. Our excellent local knowledge and relations with local authorities, embassies and hospitals ensure that we can make the best arrangements for: medical evacuations, doctors’ visits, air and road ambulance transportation, liaison and follow-up with hospitals or clinics, hotel accommodation, special travel arrangements, visa requirements; repatriation of human remains, and medical escorts, where necessary.

Every year, GAC offices worldwide handle more than 3000 P&I claims and more than 2500 medical assistance cases.

Ship arrest

We provide legal services to customers from ship owners, P&I clubs, cargo & hull insurers, offshore oil & gas operators, charterers, exporters and importers.

A ship can be arrested even if anchored outside port limits as long as the ship, at the time of arrest, lies within Malaysian territorial waters. Salvage, collisions and claims are considered maritime liens where the offending vessel can be the subject of an arrest regardless of who owns the ship at the time of arrest.

The arrested vessel may be released, usually within a working day, upon furnishing acceptable alternative security for the claim either through a Malaysian bank guarantee, a letter of undertaking from a reputable P&I club, bail bond or otherwise payment of the sum in court.

Customers are advised in every case, to obtain specific legal advice on whether a particular ship may be arrested to enforce their claim.

The Territorial Sea Act 2012 sets out 12 nautical miles as the breadth of the territorial sea throughout Malaysia except for Sabah and Sarawak where the territory for the exploitation or exploration of the territorial sea is limited to three (3) nautical miles.

Vessels have a right of innocent passage through the territorial sea but this right can be temporarily suspended in specific areas in the interest of national security. Innocent passage means passing through the territorial sea without entering or proceeding from internal waters in an expeditious and continuous manner which is not prejudicial to the peace, good order or security of Malaysia. Vessels engaged in fishing, polluting, weapons practice, surveillance activities, loading or unloading of any commodity, currency or people smuggling in breach of Malaysia’s customs, fiscal and immigration lose the right to innocent passage.

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