Ship Spares

GAC offers ship owners and management companies a global “door-to-deck” delivery service for ship spares, stores and marine parts. This specialised supply chain management service integrates the Group’s global infrastructure and expertise in freight forwarding, warehousing, supply chain management, ship agency, ship supply and marine and offshore support. GAC chooses transport modes to match customers’ timing and cost concerns and takes responsibility for the entire supply chain.

GAC 提供船東一全球公司運送管理服務,可以安排運送,儲存船隻備用零件 -“送貨到甲板” 運送服務. 這項專業的供應鏈管理,整合了集團全球的運輸業、倉儲業、供應鏈管理、船舶業、海事和靠港支援等基礎設施和專家. GAC 挑選運送模式可以符合客戶時間,以及對運費合理的要求, 並對客戶擔負起全部運送供應鏈的責任。


Johnny Wang
Operations Manager
Mobile/Phone: +88675666785