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Taking the weight for project logistics

GAC has been a leader in moving project cargoes from source to destination since the early 1970s.

GAC has been a leader in moving project cargoes from source to destination since the early 1970s.

Some cargoes refuse to fit into neat little packages for simple transportation. They’re too big, too heavy, too awkward, or simply too specialised to fit the norm. Since the early 1970s, GAC has been a leader in moving such project cargoes from source to destination.

GAC從1970年代初就已經開始專案貨物的運輸代理業務。某些貨物尺寸過大 、過重或是有特殊裝載需求無法以一般運送方式安排,須以專案貨物的運送方式處理, 從1970年代初GAC就已從事此項業務, 我們從貨物來源處安排運送貨物至目的地, 並成為此項服務的龍頭。

GAC supports major project undertakings by combining our shipping, logistics and marine divisions, providing services that include:

  • Site survey / feasibility studies (routes, weather, political climate)
  • Full / part charter parties (air charters, time/ voyage charters)
  • Multi-modal transport (rail, tug & barge, heavy lift)
  • Special equipment transport (flat racks, open tops, platforms, tween deck solutions)
  • Freight negotiation (COA negotiation, long term rate validities)
  • Administrative support (customs clearance, trade documentation)

不論貨物於尺寸、 重量、或品項特殊貨物,GAC結合了航運、物流和海事各部門執行專案的物流服務,其項目主要包括:

  • 現場勘查 / 可行性研究 ( 路線、天氣、政治氣候 )
  • 全部 / 部分船舶租用 ( 包租飛機 班次 / 定程租船 )
  • 多式聯運 ( 鐵路、拖船、駁船、大型起重機 )
  • 特殊設備運輸 ( 平板箱, 開頂箱 平台甲板間解決方案 )
  • 貨運協商 ( 租船協商 長期價格 )
  • 行政支援 ( 報關, 貿易文件 )

GAC’s barges and landing craft are ideally suited for transporting project cargo in hard-to-reach areas with infrastructure limitations. GAC also provide ballastable barges to receive cargo on direct delivery basis for on-carriage to final destination.

GAC海事業務的駁船和登陸艇服務完全適合基礎設施受限的偏遠地區的運輸專案。 GAC也提供有壓艙能力的駁船服務直接收取並運送貨物到最終目的地交貨。

This unique combination of shipping, logistics and marine capability within GAC reduces risk and cost, providing transparency in handling and peace of mind throughout the project move.

GAC內特有的複合式服務整併船舶 、物流、海事業務可降低運送的危險及降低客戶的成本,透過專案貨物的運輸服務得以提供透明化處理及讓客戶安心的服務。

GAC’s global reach provides security through one company control, ensuring strict HSSE, Quality and Compliance implementation throughout the project life. Commitment, flexibility and experience are central to the GAC approach on every project, whether it be a single shipment or the execution of a global EPC contract.





    • Consolidation Services (LCL)

      Consolidation Services (LCL)

      GAC’s comprehensive freight services meet the diverse needs of shippers. This includes a full range of global consolidation services backed by strategically located hubs in Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

    • Contract Logistics

      Contract Logistics

      Outsource your supply chain needs to GAC. Our specialised contract logistics improves supply chain efficiency, inventory control and lower costs, while freeing you to focus on your core competencies. GAC's solutions are backed by world-class warehousing & distribution capabilities, and sophisticated warehouse management system.

    • Freight Services

      Freight Services

      GAC's comprehensive sea and air services meet all your freight forwarding needs. Flexible consolidation and sea/air options tailored to suit your time and cost requirements put our global network at your disposal. And you can count on GAC for seamless last mile clearing and delivery to any destination.

    • Land Transportation

      Land Transportation

      GAC's land transportation services help you get your goods to where you want them to be. We handle all types of deliveries to destinations worldwide - from international transportation of project cargo to local retail distribution and delivery.

    • Project Logistics

      Project Logistics

      Heavy, oversized or bulky cargo - GAC Project Logistics has the muscle, skills and experience to shoulder any project cargo movement end-to-end. Count on us to deliver your goods safely, on time, with complete transparency and in strict compliance with all rules and regulations.

    • Ship Spares Logistics

      Ship Spares Logistics

      Keep your vessels moving with GAC Marine Logistics (GML). We combine GAC's logistics and shipping expertise to offer ship owners and management companies time-sensitive, single source delivery of ship spares and marine parts. Fast, dependable and efficient, our door-to-deck service uses the transport mode that best matches your time and cost concerns.

    • Supply Chain Management

      Supply Chain Management

      GAC's supply chain management offers a complete range of logistics and supply chain management solutions for manufacturers and retailers across industries. Maximise your supply chain performance with reduced capital investment and flexible responses to market changes by outsourcing your logistics to us.

    • Husbandry Services

      Husbandry Services

      GAC delivers the best care for all your vessel’s husbandry matters in ports globally. From crew changes to supplies delivery, our efficient husbandry services ensure fast vessel turnaround at all ports.

    • Ship Agency

      Ship Agency

      Every year, GAC Shipping serves over 3,500 Principals and handles more than 96,000 jobs. We've become a global leader in ship agency by taking care of every detail, whether it's in traditional agency support or specialised services like bunker supplies, spares and provisions.

    • Weather Routing

      Weather Routing

      GAC-SMHI Weather Solutions help you plan a safe, profitable course by identifying the optimum route to ensure the safety of your vessels, cargoes and crews. Our world-class weather performance solutions help owners and operators in all shipping sectors operate safely and economically.

    • Cruise


      GAC helps cruise operators give their passengers a holiday of a lifetime with a range of specialised services anywhere from traditional destinations to emerging hotspots. We go beyond simple cruise agency with husbandry, ship supplies, visa support, itinerary planning and more.

    • Entertainment / Events

      Entertainment / Events

      GAC has an established track record for fast and efficient turnaround for world-class entertainment and sport events. From groundwork to showtime, we have the resources, experience and network to deliver time-critical integrated multi-modal and logistics solutions in the fast-moving and demanding event logistics field.

    • Time Critical

      Time Critical

      Logistics for time-critical cargo is highly specialised, requiring experienced personnel, a worldwide network, global resources and clockwork execution. GAC ticks all the boxes to get your goods where they need to be, when they need to be there, without fuss or bother.


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