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Smooth & seamless Canal and Straits Transit

Every year, thousands of vessels of all kinds pass through major marine short-cuts such as the Suez and Panama Canals, as well as smaller strategic waterways. One of the world’s largest shipping agent, GAC provides full service for vessels transiting major waterways to ensure smooth and safe transits.

With GAC, you can combine our transit service with a range of integrated services including ship agency, husbandry, bunker fuel supplies, ship spares logistics, and more.

We are there for you to ensure smooth passage through:

Suez Canal
GAC Egypt maintains close relations with the Suez Canal Authority and provides a range of vital canal transit services to assist vessels of all kinds transiting the key waterway that links the Mediterranean with the Red Sea.

Panama Canal
GAC-Wilford & McKay coordinates closely with the Panama Canal Authority to handle vessels of all kinds passing between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.

Magellan Straits & Patagonian Channel
GAC offers reliable and professional services to aid safe transit through the Strait of Magellan and the Patagonian Channel at the southern tip of America.

Danish Straits
GAC Denmark provides a comprehensive package of strait transit services for vessels passing through the Danish Straits.

Kiel Canal
Through our local agent in Germany, GAC can arrange everything you need for a trouble-free transit through the Kiel Canal linking the North and Baltic Seas.

Turkish Straits
GAC Turkey offers professional transit assistance for vessels passing through the Turkish Straits linking the Eastern Mediterranean and the Black Sea.

Sunda Straits
In Indonesia, it is compulsory for vessels transiting the Sunda Strait between Java and Sumatra to appoint an agent. Andhika GAC Indonesia’s vessel transit package offers attractive en route clearance fees.




    • Bunker Fuels

      Bunker Fuels

      GAC Bunker Fuels works with trusted suppliers to offer you safe, reliable and swift delivery of quality marine fuels at competitive prices worldwide. GAC Bunker Fuels is ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 certified.

    • Canal & Straits Transits

      Canal & Straits Transits

      GAC's canal & straits transit services assure safe and smooth passage through strategic waterways worldwide. We are at hand to serve you seamlessly as you transit the Panama and Suez Canals, the Turkish and Sunda Straits, and more.

    • Ship Agency

      Ship Agency

      Every year, GAC Shipping serves over 3,500 Principals and handles more than 86,000 jobs. We've become a global leader in ship agency by taking care of every detail, whether it's in traditional agency support or specialised services like bunker supplies, spares and provisions.

    • Offshore Support

      Offshore Support

      Offshore operations need strong support - at sea, onshore and alongside. With decades of experience in the world’s main oil and gas producing regions, GAC Marine supports all your offshore exploration, construction and production needs, from planning to execution. Our operations are backed by our fleet of offshore support vessels.

    • Ship Spares

      Ship Spares

      Keep your vessels moving with GAC Marine Logistics (GML). We combine GAC's logistics and shipping expertise to offer ship owners and management companies time-sensitive, single source delivery of ship spares and marine parts. Fast, dependable and efficient, our door-to-deck service uses the transport mode that best matches your time and cost concerns.


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