Humanitarian Aid: Integrated global solutions from origin to destination

Humanitarian aid

In a perfect world, there would be no need for humanitarian aid shipments. But until we reach that ideal, it is important for aid agencies to have expert support in getting goods to the people who need them most.

Throughout our history, GAC has been providing shipping and logistics support for the aid and development field of operations – and often in places where infrastructure has been damaged by war or natural disasters.

GAC has been employed for many years by the United Nations (UN) for its World Food Programme (WFP). We provide agency, freight contracting services (both conventional and containerised) and logistics services to a wide range of destinations around the world. This work for the WFP forms the backbone of our expertise in the humanitarian aid theatre.

In recent years GAC has expanded our exposure in this sector and today provides services to a wide range of aid agencies and development procurement specialists including both government bodies and non-government organisations (NGOs). We are focused on building our profile as a credible contributor to the sector, and the GAC Humanitarian Aid Team is now busy extending our links with a wide range of UN bodies.

GAC has a tradition of working in difficult environments, and that has given us valuable experience in finding solutions to challenges that can arise with aid shipments. We are also able to deliver a fully integrated service package to ensure that much-needed aid shipments reach the people that need them so desperately as quickly and efficiently as possible. GAC’s broad range of shipping, logistics and marine services and solutions for ship agency, freight contracting, dry bulk, stevedoring, warehousing, inland transportation and more can help smooth the way.