The power of GAC Partnerships

It was a partnership that gave birth to the first Gulf Agency Company, in Kuwait, in 1956. And more than six decades later, they remain at the heart of GAC’s business philosophy. One of the cornerstones of our strategy is long-term relationships – and that applies as much to partners we work with as it does to the customers we serve.

We have built a strong network of GAC partners to harness the power of strategic alliances with specialist service providers and strong local players to serve the international shipping, logistics and marinecommunities. We want to collaborate with best-in-class experts who can benefit from the greater exposure and access to the global market that comes with association with the well-established and respected GAC Group. In exchange, our partners gain access to the GAC world with our global customer base and marketing infrastructure.

That partnership business model has already proven to be a winning formula for partners in the areas of training and more.

If you think you have what it takes to forge a GAC partnership, contact us at sales@gac.com for more information.