Bunker Fuels

GAC Bunker Fuels draws on our strong market relationships, trusted suppliers, up-to-the-minute information and global reach to give you the best bunker fuel prices and delivery options around the world to save you money on your bunker fuel procurement.

Your bunkers focal point

We serve every type of vessel. Whether you’re a tanker in the Middle East or North Sea, or a superyacht sailing the Mediterranean or Caribbean, GAC Bunker Fuels has what it takes to take care of your bunkering needs.

We can meet your marine fuels and lubricants requirements at both major bunkering locations and non-traditional refueling ports around the world.

Working with the GAC’s offices, sub-agents and carefully selected suppliers, we coordinate swift and smooth supplies of quality IFO, MGO, MDO and marine lubricants. Every marine fuel supply meets internationally approved standards.

One of the few ISO 9001 certified bunker companies in the industry, GAC Bunker Fuels has a strong focus on business excellence, quality control and strict supplier vetting procedures. Everything we do is in strict adherence to the GAC Group’s Code of Ethics and Compliance policy.

Cost savings on bunker fuel procurement

We offer all these at competitive prices within our supplier vetting policy.

You can reap even more fuel savings for each voyage with GAC’s specialised services for weather routing and hull cleaning to optimise vessel performance and navigation efficiency on top of bunker supplies. 

And these are just the beginning. With access to the GAC Group worldwide, we can arrange your bunker call to receive supplies as part of GAC’s integrated service package. The flexible services include ship agency, husbandry and ship spares delivery, as well as canal & straits transit assistance through key waterways. With GAC as your single source provider, you enjoy further savings from economies of scale.

We are present in the world’s key bunkering hotspots. A single invoice can even be issued for all GAC services provided at many locations.

Our professional teams in Singapore, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Dubai, South Africa, Egypt, United Kingdom and United States are there to manage your enquiries, nominations and deliveries across all time zones.

For superyacht bunkers enquiries, contact superyacht@gac.com.

 It takes a lot to ensure dependable, professional bunker supplies around the world: strong market relationships, trusted suppliers, reliable up-to-date information and global reach, to name just a few.

GAC Bunker Fuels brings all those qualities together as your bunkers focal point to ensure that your nominations and deliveries are taken care of.

As part of the global GAC Group, we are wherever you go, whether it's a major bunkering location or a non-traditional refueling port. GAC Bunker Fuels marshals the Group's strong market relationships, physical contacts and local knowledge to streamline the management of marine fuels and lubricants enquiries.

Our hallmark is smooth, speedy coordination of quality IFO, MGO, MDO and lubricants from carefully selected suppliers who meet internationally approved standards. At GAC Bunker Fuels, we promote efficiency at competitive prices and the peace of mind that comes from established credit lines with the world's major suppliers.

GAC Bunker Fuels is an ISO 9001 certified company with a strong focus on business excellence, quality control and strict supplier vetting procedures. We had developed strong relationships with trustworthy suppliers worldwide, enabling us to offer competitive prices with flexible credit lines.

Everything GAC Bunker Fuels does is in strict adherence to the GAC Group’s Code of Ethics and Compliance policy. This firm stance against bribery or any other deviation from the highest ethical standards is one of the factors that has led to us being appointed for a number of prominent international organisations.

GAC Bunker Fuels. Delivering your strategy.  

Middle East & Africa

GAC's extensive presence and long-term relationships with key suppliers in the Middle East enable us to offer competitive prices on 30 day terms. We assist in vetting all existing suppliers and vet and open credit lines with new suppliers that can provide excellent services with competitive pricing. In August 2012, GAC Bunker Fuels relocated its head office to Dubai, United Arab Emirates, home of the GAC Group's corporate headquarters, to further synergise with the shipping services GAC delivers to vessel owners and operators throughout the region.

Indian Subcontinent

The GAC Group’s global presence means that GAC Bunker Fuels can support your operations in India and neighbouring countries. In Sri Lanka, we can arrange for bunkers, lubricants and agency services at highly competitive prices delivered by our barge 'MT Kandy' operated in partnership with the McLarens Group.

Asia Pacific

For bunker only calls in Singapore, we can offer a single invoice for bunker supplies, lubricants and associated agency services.


Our US and Brazil offices cover the Americas with particular focus on the Gulf of Mexico and South American ports, taking advantage of the Group's strong connections and local presence. GAC also offers transit services in the Panama Canal, as a part of its integrated package.


GAC Bunker Fuels works closely with local GAC offices throughout Europe to provide you with a quality, integrated service. Our London-based Yacht Fuels Manager works with GAC Pindar and GAC Marine Logistics to offer an integrated service package to our yachting customers and will be ISO 9001 certified in 2012. Our local office in Norway ensures that the bunker and lubricant needs of oil and gas customers operating in the North Sea are met.

Egypt & Mediterranean

We handle all aspects of your Suez Canal Transit from agency, bunkers, lubricants and ship spares, through to coordination of the transit itself. GAC Egypt is the only international bunker trader based in Egypt, and enjoys excellent supplier relationships and credit lines.

Information is the key to success in the global bunker market. GAC Bunker Fuels provides regular updates of current bunker prices, trends and port conditions around the world. Access market prices updates online or register with us to receive email alerts. GAC Bunker Fuels can also provide clients with direct, personalised reports and general market summaries. Vital information from GAC's daily port intelligence service HOT PORT NEWS adds value in efficient planning of bunkering operations.

Our team of bunkering professionals based at nine strategic locations around the world – namely the United Arab Emirates, Sri Lanka, Singapore, United States, United Kingdom , Norway, India , Brazil and Egypt – nurture personal relationships with our clients, focusing on their individual needs to secure the best possible deal for them. Contact us to learn more about how we can coordinate a Bunker-Only Port call, with an invoice for the bunker supplies and all associated agency fees.


Andy Boichat
Bunker Trading Manager
Mobile/Phone: +447827014279
Email: andy.boichat@gac.com