Project Logistics


GAC has been a leader in moving project cargoes from source to destination since the early 1970s. 

Some cargoes refuse to fit into neat little packages for simple transportation. They’re too big, too heavy, too awkward, or simply too specialised to fit the norm. Since the early 1970s, GAC has been a leader in moving such project cargoes from source to destination.
有些货物不适合以小包装或者简单的方式进行运输, 它们可能太大, 太重或者结构太复杂, 有的甚至太过于特殊。自1970年代初以来, GAC已经在运作项目货物运输方面处于领导地位。

GAC supports major project undertakings by combining our shipping, logistics and marine divisions, providing services that include:

  • Site survey / feasibility studies (routes, weather, political climate)
  • Full / part charter parties (air charters, time/ voyage charters)
    全部/部分船舶租用(包租飞机, 航次/定程租船)
  • Multi-modal transport (rail, tug & barge, heavy lift)
  • Special equipment transport (flat racks, open tops, platforms, tween deck solutions)
  • Freight negotiation (COA negotiation, long term rate validities)
    货运谈判(租船谈判, 长期价格)
  • Administrative support (customs clearance, trade documentation)
  • In house flexible IT solutions and tracking and tracing

GAC Marine’s barges and landing craft are ideally suited for transporting project cargo in hard-to-reach areas with infrastructure limitations. GAC also provide ballast able barges to receive cargo on direct delivery basis for on-carriage to final destination.
GAC海事业务的驳船和登陆艇服务完全适合基础设施受限的偏远地区的运输项目。 GAC也提供有压舱能力的驳船服务直接收取并运送货物到最终目的地交货。

This unique combination of shipping, logistics and marine capability within GAC reduces risk and cost, providing transparency in handling and peace of mind throughout the project move.
这种独特的结合GAC航运、物流和海事能力的运输方式降低了风险和成本, 并且在整个项目物流过程中增加了操作透明度。

GAC’s global reach provides security through one company control, ensuring strict HSSE, Quality and Compliance implementation throughout the project life. Commitment, flexibility and experience are central to the GAC approach on every project, whether it be a single shipment or the execution of a global EPC contract.

Contacts 联系人

Maria Lam
Managing Director
Mobile/Phone: +85293328708

Stanley Zhang
Project Logistics Manager
Mobile/Phone: +8613916919333