Offshore Support

Skills and strength for offshore support

Offshore operations need strong support - at sea, onshore and alongside. With decades of experience in the world’s main oil and gas producing regions, GAC has the know-how and equipment needed to make sure even the biggest jobs go as planned.

From exploration to production

GAC Thailand’s integrated shipping and logistics services can meet the operational needs for the offshore sector. We provide specialist support to oil & gas contractors (for fields both offshore and inland), seismic surveyors, cable laying contractors, construction professionals, dredgers, rig owners, as well as operators of supply boats, tugs and barges.

Our services include transportation of construction materials and crew, delivery of supplies and provisions, emergency response, and more. We also provide advice and documentation to facilitate the import and reexport of specialised marine equipment such as rigs, platforms and support vessels, drilling tools, machinery, ship spares and more.

As an advocate for safety and quality, GAC Thailand provides safe and incident-free operations in full compliance with stringent quality and Health, Safety, Security and Environment (HSSE) guidelines.