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Procedures prior to arrival/after berthing

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    16 March 2020

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Poland has introduced the following procedures for vessels prior to arrival and after berthing:

1. Master must fill in the “Master – Driver” form. In the field ‘car registration number’, put “Crew Member of MV [vessel name]”.
2. Crew must fill in the “Crew – Passenger” form. 
3. Any passengers on board must complete the “Crew –  Passenger” form.

1. Gangway may be prepared, but no crew member may walk on berth/quay.
2. All crew members with completed “Master – Driver ” &  “Crew – Passenger” forms must wait for Immigration Authorities and Fire Brigade Representatives.
3. Fire Brigade Representatives will check body temperature of the whole crew and Immigration Officers will collect filled forms.
4.  Immigration Officers will check crew lists and passports/ID cards.
5. No-one (agent, stevedore, surveyor, etc) may board the vessel before the Immigration Authorities and Fire Brigade Representatives arrive. After temperature and border formalities are completed and everything found to be in order, normal cargo operations can begin, and stevedores and surveyors can board the vessel.
6. No cargo operations to be performed before completion of formalities.
7. No shore leave for crew. No crew changes for foreigners.
8. Polish crew members can be signed-off after Immigration and Sanitary Authorities permission. Such crew members will be directed to 14 days quarantine.

For further details and updates, as well as information about operations in Poland, contact GAC Poland at poland@gac.com