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Precautions for pilots

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    26 March 2020

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Turkey’s General Directorate of Maritime Affairs has shared precautions will be taken by pilots due to COVID-19. 

These precautions below will be applied thoroughly and meticulously in order to keep the pilots away from the risk of epidemics and create a safe working environment. Any difficulties that may occur in the implementation of these measures will be reported to the relevant port authority by the pilot associations and the necessary measures will be taken

Agencies that provide pilotage service will increase the number of shifts and create a safer schedule with the minimum number of pilots in terms of contamination risk (it is important to have fewer pilots in the same shift in case of contamination).

Necessary precautions will be taken to prevent pilots from meeting pilots from other shifts and not to be in the same environment. In cases where it is necessary to be in the same environment and especially in shift changes, necessary measures will be taken to minimise the risk of contamination.

Disinfection of stations, common areas, vehicles and launch boats will be provided continuously.

Disposable rubber gloves, hand sanitizer, medical masks and disposable overalls etc. will be provided as PPE by the piloting agencies to pilots and the equipment will be disposed of properly upon disembarkation.

Health and cleaning rules published and updated by the Ministry of Health will be complied with.

Pilot association will provide educational guides which are prepared by the Ministry of Health and ensure they are informed accordingly.

The bridge will be disinfected by the vessel crew before pilot is onboard. This will be directed through the agency.

The fans on the bridge will be turned off before the pilot boards the vessel.

Living area stairs will not be used in the ascent and descent to the bridge.

Pilotage service will be provided through the bridge wind as much as possible.

Maneuvering on the bridge will be ensured with the minimum amount of personnel required without weakening the safety of navigation. Shift changes will not be allowed during maneuver. All personnel on the bridge will be taken to take protective measures, including wearing a mask, and will communicate with people from a distance of 2 metres.

If the pilots notice any signs of illness (cough, malaise, etc.) in the ship's crew, they will inform the port authority immediately. The situation is conveyed to the general directorate of beaches and health by the port authority and the ship's crew and the relevant pilot will be re-examined.

Shift lists which were revised according to these precautions by the pilot association and information of pilots which are actively involved will be sent to ltp.didgm@uab.gov.tr in excel format with their Turkish Republic ID numbers.

Bridge checklists and the documents showing that the service is provided between the ship's captain and the pilot and will be made online and in digital format to the extent possible, and necessary measures will be taken jointly by the pilot associations and agencies serving the ship to prevent the risk of contamination from paper, pen or other office materials used.

For further details and updates, as well as information about operations in Turkey, contact GAC Turkey at turkey@gac.com