GAC Shanghai newcomer welcomed at sponsored school

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    30 May 2014



Shanghai, China – 30 May 2014: Pupils at the GAC-sponsored Longnan Migrant School gave Mark Delaney a warm welcome when he arrived for his first reading and story-telling session this week.

Though a GAC veteran, Mark has just arrived in Shanghai to take on his new role as GAC China’s Commercial Development Manager. He is also taking over regular voluntary duties at the school from MD Claus Schensema, who is leaving for a new GAC post overseas soon. Mark’s first visit was combined with a ceremony in which the children and teachers bid Claus a fond farewell and vote of thanks for his support.

It’s the continuation of a five-year tradition of support by GAC Shanghai for the school which provides a high standard of education for the children of migrant workers in the city who wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford it.