GAC Energy and Marine awarded STOW certification

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    30 January 2015



Houston, 30 January 2015 – GAC Energy and Marine Services in Trinidad & Tobago has been awarded STOW (Safe TO Work) certification for its Health, Safety and Environmental management systems by the country’s leading body representing the energy sector.

Gobind Kukreja, Managing Director of GAC Energy and Marine Services in Trinidad & Tobago presents the STOW (Safe TO Work) certification.

STOW was started by the Energy Chamber of Trinidad and Tobago in response to its members’ demands for a reliable program to ensure the quality and compliance to health, safety and environmental of service providers supporting the oil and gas sector.

"STOW certification delivers both peace of mind for our clients, and increased efficiency as it avoids having to go through the approval process for every job we bid for," says Managing Director Gobind Kukreja.

The certification requires companies supporting the industry to demonstrate consistent high standards and pre-qualifies certified companies to work with many in the country’s energy sector, saving time and duplicated administration when bidding for projects. Certification is required for contractors providing services to the energy sector, based on the level of risk they face in their operations.

GAC Energy and Marine Services is certified at the highest level for both onshore and offshore operations, verifying that it meets or exceeds all statutory and voluntary requirements for the industry.