Sea firing exercise

18 Jul 2022 / Sri Lanka

A sea firing exercise is scheduled today (18 July) by the Sri Lanka Naval Fast Attack Crafts, as follows:

Name/No of crafts:
P 420, P 481 & P 435

Duration of exercise:
P 420 – 1000 to 1600 hours
P 435 – 1000 to 1600 hours
P 481 – 0800 to 1700 hours

Relevant area:

07 deg. 21’ N, 79 deg. 10’E
07 deg. 16’N, 79 deg. 30’E
07 deg. 06’N, 79 deg. 30’E
07 deg. 03’N, 79 deg. 10’E

All merchant vessels, tender boats, fishing boats and other vessels anchored or operating in the above sea areas should keep well clear until the completion of the exercise.

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