Installation of mooring

24 Nov 2021 / St Clement’s Reach/River Thames, United Kingdom

Mariners are advised that on or about 29 or 30 November 2021, the Port of London Authority (PLA) will undertake the installation a new swing mooring between St Clements swing & Greenhithe swing moorings. The new single yellow unlit Admiralty class mooring buoy will be identified as “PLA Fiddlers Swing No 12”.

The installation works for the mooring will be undertaken by the PLA vessel LONDON TITAN.

All vessels involved in the works will maintain a continuous listening watch on VHF channel 68.

Requirements to proceed with caution or at slow speed will be made in accordance with the procedure set out in the Port of London Authority’s Port Information Guide, under ‘London VTS’, ‘Section 4’.

Further details will be broadcast by London VTS on VHF Channel 68.

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Source: Port of London ( Notice To Mariners L22 of 2021

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