Mina Abdullah

The Mina Abdullah Sea Island is located approximately 16,000 feet offshore (5 kilometers). It has two loading berths for exporting liquid petroleum products and importing fuel oils. The seaward berth is capable of receiving tankers ranging from 25 to 276 MDWT while the landward berth can receive tankers ranging from 25 to 140 MDWT. Each berth is equipped with six loading arms, four for white oil products and two for bunker/fuel oil products.  


Berth no. 18

Berth no.19

Depth @ Zero tide

17.33 m

17.98 m

Max loaded Draft

16.31 m

16.92 m

Max Berthing draft

13.72 m

13.72 m


25,000 MT

25,000 MT


140,000 MT

300,000 MT

Berth Max Displacement

165,000 MT

315,000 MT

Berth length

390 m

390 m

Max Ship LOA

300 m

340 m


Black & White products

Black & White products