Maritime Security Services

Sea crime threatens both the safety of your vessels, cargoes and crew, and your bottom line. GAC Maritime Security Services responds to that threat with an integrated, educational and intelligence-led solution package to help minimise your exposure to the operational risks.

GAC provides maritime security services to protect against sea crimes.

GAC Maritime Security Services

Powered by AKE

Every week brings news of threats to maritime interests. From pirates to political activists, vessels have to be prepared for the possibility of a hostile environment as they travel the world's shipping lanes.

GAC Maritime Security Services, Powered by AKE, helps you protect your ships, cargoes and crew from maritime security threats. It combines the resources and reach of the GAC Group with AKE's extensive experience in reducing risk to people and organisations in hostile environments worldwide. Our methods are tested, effective and designed as non-lethal, and includes onboard crew training, pre-voyage preparation, defensive deck configurations, management training and global maritime security intelligence and reports.

Service Package:

  • Dedicated specialists trained in tactical and non-lethal solutions to protect your assets
  • Riding crews consisting of ex-military personnel with extensive maritime experience
  • Round-the-clock monitoring and support from a dedicated 24/7 operations room
  • Bespoke on-location Crisis Management and onboard officer and crew training
  • Protective guidelines
  • Design and supply of defensive equipment

Available on Request

  • Access to incident response teams, crisis managers and ransom negotiators
  • 'International Red Flare' global medical and security evacuation service
  • Asset management, training, regulatory compliance and security planning
  • Provision of medical equipment and services
  • Provide advice on insurance through Lloyd's of London
  • Crisis Management Preparedness Consulting

Sea Crime Defense System (SCDS)

To minimise our clients’ exposure to sea crime, we have formed partnerships with other leading maritime defense experts and combined them with GAC’s intelligence-led approach to deliver an integrated service package called Sea Crime Defense System (SCDS).


The world’s strongest searchlight with several control functions. 3,000 watts with a unique reflector capable of seriously impairing vision from well over a kilometer away. Pre-programmed search patterns as well as joystick control. The compact design, made from long lifetime, corrosion resistance material, offers the benefits of simple mounting and operating.
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Water Cannons

The Unifire SEASERPENT Anti-Pirate Water Cannon System consists of high-volume, remote control water cannons able to create a 70m long jet with up to 80 litres/second flow. The system includes pre-programmed jet patterns as well as joystick control.
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A comprehensive system of nylon lines designed to foul the propellers of boats attempting unauthorised approach.
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A module, compact, easily deployed and stored razor-wire defence system. It adapts principles formerly used in land based perimeter security systems to develop a resilient barricade that addresses the problems inherent with current razor wire defenses and which meets - and exceeds - the demands of security on the high seas.
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Sound Waves

Inferno supersonic intense sound repellant designed to confuse, disorientate and distress intruders.
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Citadel Protection

The Sandwich Plate System (SPS) is the ideal means to reinforce access ways to form internal citadels and deter a sustained attack by the most determined hijacker trying to gain access. These are bullet-proof, hammer-proof panels designed for easy installation across doors and portholes.
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Onboard Training

First class crew training in awareness, responses, reaction drills, and the practical application of all of the above equipment. In addition, we shall exploit the attached illustration on a number of mediums.
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